PhickleBuilder is a collection of software components that automates the configuration and installation of printer drivers from the Pharos Uniprint printing system on Mac OS X.

Building a customized installer involves these general steps:

  1. Setup:

  2. Boot into the target OS version (10.4 or 10.5).

  3. Import a list of queues defined on your Pharos print server(s).

  4. Provide vendor installers for printer models not included with Mac OS.

  5. Create:

  6. Choose the print queue(s) to include in the installer

  7. (optional) Group and provide new descriptions for each.

  8. Click “Build”.

  9. (optional) Combine your 10.4 and 10.5 installers.

Easily build custom installers for Mac Uniprint users

Key Features

  1. -Exports queues info from Uniprint server.

  2. -Create installers via drag-and-drop.

  3. -User-friendly installers for end users.

  4. -Installs needed Mac printer drivers.

  5. -Save installers’ settings for easy updates.

Current Version


October 7, 2008

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